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I will not diet. Fuck diets with your pre packaged food. Give me fresh fruit in a smoothie with a sunrise that lights the world on fire. Give me nuts and carbs and dairy. Give me salmon with rice and gravy. I’ve watched my mother suffer with diets for far too long. Give me a bike so I can see the world. It’ll come. If my body wants to lose weight then fine. But give me happiness. Watch as I feed my body love. Fuck your prepackaged food as I watch the sunset with hot chocolate and my love.


Sometimes recovery is waking up early to write in coffee shops and practicing yoga and eating lots of fruit and chocolate and sometimes it’s staying in bed all day and hiding from the world until you can stop crying. All of this is okay. What’s important is that you take care of yourself no matter what kind of day you’re having.

We are the girls with anxiety disorders, filled appointment books, five-year plans. We take ourselves very, very seriously. We are the peacemakers, the do-gooders, the givers, the savers. We are on time, overly prepared, well read, and witty, intellectually curious, always moving … We pride ourselves on getting as little sleep as possible and thrive on self-deprivation. We drink coffee, a lot of it. We are on birth control, Prozac, and multivitamins … We are relentless, judgmental with ourselves, and forgiving to others. We never want to be as passive-aggressive are our mothers, never want to marry men as uninspired as our fathers … We are the daughters of the feminists who said, “You can be anything,” and we heard, “You have to be everything.
Courtney Martin, Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters (via thecrookedbeauty)

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